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E-SPORT Screen Cleaner
The NEW HighTech Display Cleaner for Gaming Displays.

250ml Screen Cleaner + 2x ROGGE Professional microfiber cloth, approx. 38x40cm, washable up to 95 degrees.


Suitable for: LCD - TFt - LED & OLED + 4K / UHD display

Plasma Screen Cleaner.

Best tested for: gaming displays, plasma, smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, iPhones and other tablets. Biodegradable.


  • * streak-free cleaning

  • * biodegradable

  • * without alcohol,

  • * with antistatic

  • * Display manufacturer tested .... with "very good"


The professional cleaner for: LCD / LED / OLED, 4k UHD mobile glass displays, as well as for tablets, smartphones, New Watch, All in One and all smooth u. sensitive surfaces.


Observe the cleaning instructions of the device manufacturer (display manufacturer)!


The original from ROGGE.

Clear view for sharp images


Art. No .: 10803

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