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ROGGE DUO-Clean 750ml trigger bottles, 1x ROGGE Prof. microfibre cloth 38x40cm.



For LCD / TFT / LED u. Plasma displays, tablets, smartphones, displays, photos, lenses, lenses, glasses, etc.


750ml spray bottle


Microfiber cloth 38-40cm, blue, washable 90 degrees, up to 180 times.

Free of streaks and lint

Environmentally friendly

The professional cleaner for: LCD / LED / mobile glass displays, as well as for tablets, smartphones, New Watch, All in One and all smooth u. sensitive surfaces.


LCD / TFT, LED & Plasma Screen Cleaner.
Best tested for: TV displays, plasma, smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, iPhones and other tablets. Biodegradable.


  • * streak-free cleaning

  • * biodegradable

  • * without alcohol, with antistatic

  • * Display manufacturer tested .... with "very good"


The original since 1998 ..... by ROGGE.

Art. No .: 10300


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